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We provide rapid analytics solutions that helps your data work for you. We use the power of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science to help you and your team find actionable insights

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Delivering Values

We are experts in helping your team understand how data can deliver value to your team. We want to help you join in on the data revolution. Whether you need a dashboard, to a sale forecast, or just want to chat about data, we’re more than happy to talk.

Business (and life) is a series of decisions; sometimes we make good ones, sometimes we make bad ones. Data Science helps increase the number of good decisions, and decrease the number of bad decisions. 

Whether is having a predictive model to predict next months sales, or having a dashboard to track your project’s progress, Data Science gives additional clarity in all your decisions. 

We improve business and society through science and design.
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We boost our clients to get more sales

Tailored beats one-size-fits-all. If you’ve got a data science opportunity that fits the description above, off-the-shelf solutions probably don’t exist yet. Depending on your problem and how common it is, they may never exist. We believe that the way to improve people, organizations, and even society is by tailoring an approach to the specific needs, culture, and goals of the problem at hand.

Fast and iterative beats big and over-planned. We recognize that from the outset we often don’t know exactly what problem to solve, and that in the process of solving it the problem will change.

Concise and user-centered beats jargon-filled and haphazard. Data science results can be complex and nuanced, but it should not require data science skill to understand them. We believe it is always the responsibility of the data scientist to communicate results and design tools in ways that are meaningful to others.

The teams at Steradian are composed of passionate in mathematics, statistics, engineering and computer science. By focusing on our analytical expertise and supported by a time-tested consulting methodology we are able to solve problems in a very broad range of applied domains and across industrial sectors.

Our offices and data center are based in Jakarta (Indonesia), but we provide our services across industries and geographies.

Our suite of AI platforms enables custom-tailored solutions to go from design to deployment faster and more effectively than ever before.

Satisfied Customers

“The team at Steradian is fabulous. They helped us solve our problems in effective and efficient manner. We have experienced great experience due to their progressive approach.”

Iko Pramudiono
Manager at Mitsui & Co., Ltd

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