DevOps Engineer

Job Description

  • Lead and build a highly successful Infrastructure team
  • Design and implement a highly scalable infrastructure on various Platform
  • Implement secure networks by following the best practices of Information & Network Security
  • Oversee containerization and deployment of microservices on Kubernetes
  • Manage the auto-scaling and monitoring performances of the Infrastructure using Prometheus and Grafana, or similar tools
  • Define the service level objectives of each component and take the ownership of achieving those SLOs
  • Create and maintain system reliability and availability reports


  • Minimum 2 years experience
  • Familiar with CI/CD pipeline
  • Familiar with Jenkins, Bamboo or Gitlab CI/CD
  • Familiar with Ansible, Puppet or Chef
  • Familiar with Kubernetes or Openshift
  • Familiar with Elastic stacks
  • Familair with cloud platform like AWS or GCP

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